We offer a wide range of brokerage services to meet the ever-changing needs of importers and exporters.

Are you looking for brokerage services that deliver added value? Do you want to stay on top of the constantly changing requirements and regulations for importing products? And benefit as new windows of opportunity open in the international trade market? The i-clearing team ensures you meet requirements to expedite the clearance of your shipment and make the most of every possibility.

Customs brokers are your key consultants for customs requirements.

Working with you, we tailor complete trade-compliance programmes to your requirements. Our goal is to reduce your costs and raise your profits, all while complying with trade rules.
Rely on us to lead you through the complexities of:

• UCC regulations and compliance;
• tariff classifications;
• VAT regulations – Fiscal representation;
• duty/tax recovery;
• specific product requirements (e.g. import/export licenses);
• customs warehousing.

I-Clearing provides exceptional customs brokerage services at the port of Antwerp for any and all types of trades. As new windows of opportunity open in the market of international trade, the requirements and regulations for importing products are constantly changing. Our team will ensure that all requirements are met to expedite the clearance of your shipment.

  • CUSTOMS: I-Clearing has a fully equipped and experienced staff for all customs formalities

 in Antwerp.


  • VAT: Since the opening of the EU borders in 1997 I-Clearing has become an expert in the increasing complexity  of fiscal representation.


  • CONSULTING: Within I-Clearing, a new consultancy department was created to guide our clients as well as fellow forwarders through customs & VAT procedures.


… through solution driven assistance !