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Herbert Watson Belgium NV

Worldwide forwarding

Boerendijk 27 | B-2180 Antwerpen

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Specialists in all logistic paperwork.

UCC regulations and compliance, tariff classifications and more.

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Heavy lift

Specialized division in oversize cargo.

Get in contact with the best people for heavy lift cargo.

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Equilog Services

Our premier services for worldwide equine transport.

Discover our equine team.

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Flexitank logistics

Flexibags are the best way to transport liquids, worldwide.

Learn more about our flexitank services.

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We would love to work with you

We are certain that we can deliver the best service for your project!

Service is about people

In our business people make the difference. Finding the right people is not an easy job.

Our people must be able to negotiate on different levels, must be able to communicate in different languages, must be able to respond quickly and accurately to changing situations. These skills can only be obtained through experience and constant upgrading through training courses. We are proud to state that our people reflect the above qualities.

Handle with care

Obviously, careless handling of the cargo may result in damage or loss.

On the other hand, careless handling of the relating documentation may cause annoyance, delay in payment or not get paid at all. Which is worse?We know that your cargo is your money, and that we are responsible for it whilst in our care. Therefore we handle it with care, both cargo and documentation.

Think Along

Each shipping order is unique. The execution of it contributes to the experience of its executor.

This experience must be used to think along with the client. Our knowledge must guide our client to come to the most efficient transport solution.